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Hi, I'm JohnI am a Facebook Ad's Expert Specialising, Turning Clicks into Customers.

Is your website generating you leads and sales?

Most businesses have it all wrong when it comes to websites and digital marketing, instead they focus on pretty designs and page views when they should be focussing on getting leads, sales and profit.

John Pinner is a Melbourne based digital marketing expert who specialises in generating leads, sales and profit.

While many other web agencies focus on pretty designs and page views John focuses on driving leads, sales and profits through Facebook Ads, Google Adwords and SEO

Case Study: Getting More Calls

The blue line on the graph (below) represents calls from real customers calling this towing business which is a product of high website visibility in the google search engine.

Then: What was once a thriving local business in the 90’s to the early 2000’s took a massive hit by the downturn surge of the Australian economy mixed in with a large influx of competition moving into the area. The owner told me that there were less and less calls coming into until is completely dried up into nothing.

Now: This humble towing business was turned around by creating a smart digital marketing plan using Facebook Ads with SEO which was designed and tailored to strategically bring in more visitors to his website and immediately calls started coming back in, and has since been dominating his competition. See see the call tracking results below

Peter P.

Peter who runs a solo Towing Business in Australia

It took me a long time to understand digital marketing and to this day its still a hazy subject. However the proof is in the pudding. 
Ever since working with John on my campaign to get more potential customers to call me who needing their car towed, it changed my whole marketing and business plan drastically. 
Ever since going with John I have cancelled every single local directory that I've not been able to track for the last 15 years to John services and its made up 90% of my new business opportunities over night. 

Case Study: What Google Visibility Looks like and How We Did It.

The blue line represents the growth of organic google traffic being captured by this particular Dentist website. 99% of this websites traffic is generated from being on the front page of google.

Market Plan (Market Domination 101): The digital marketing plan consisted of in-depth competition analysis emulating the competition and spying on their digital marketing efforts to which we used their hard work against them and stayed 2 steps ahead of them for a quick traffic boost.

The real take away to get the best results for this campaign was with the research of the best performing Adwords campaigns from competitors to see which Google Keyword Ads were performing the best. From this data we pin pointed the best converting keyword data from paid ads and implemented this same keyword strategy for targeting organic results. Result: 3 – 5 Calls were being made a day and 95% of the monthly calls converted into customers.

Then and Now: The dental clinic was a brand new business in the area with 5 other competitors who were shown to be competitively working on their digital marketing. In this instance I was able to get this website on the page one of google for all the high end buying intentive search queries like “orthodontist location”, ”Cosmetic dentist Location” and more serviced based terms.

In addition, the website is already started to pop up and become visible in the surrounding suburbs. We are working on making this business and authority and spread out the service area so the clinic can scale to another location in the next six months.

Dentist and Orthodontist In Australia

I get emails everyday about "SEO" and search marketing and I was burnt 2 times in the past with these services and I was firmly against the idea.
But the impression I got when I first spoke to John about my campaign was a completely different conversation concerning return on investment.
I decided to take one more leap of faith and as you can see the results were astounding to anything I received before. We started getting calls after the first month and its been climbing since. 

Dr Dwan

Case Study: How Facebook Ads Bought Customers to a Brand New Makeup Artist

Starting a brand new business can be a scary experience especially if you are the sole operator where the weight of your business is held up by you. Marketing, Networking, Accounts, Sales and the Rendering of the service falls on you.
A common trait I see with most new small business owners is the lack of understanding for Salesmen ship and Marketing, however they know how to render a great service.
But without a bulletproof marketing plan and a sales process, this is a recipe for why many businesses to fail to launch or grow.

For this small Bridal Makeup service the owner had no prior understanding of modern sales processes.
It was important that I created the foundation of the understanding of sales process which would only come naturally from a book that I recommend all my partners to read "SPIN Selling by Neil Rackham"
After she read the book, it was a clear indication of the understanding of what she needed to do for her process to qualify and close potential clients into customers and then onto marketing.

Market Plan: We created an irresistible trial trip wire offer using Facebook Ads that would get potential clients interested in getting a trial makeup session from a professional artist at a low $24.95 price. The offer was made to get potential clients through the door to see how their bridal makeup would look like on their big day, then up-sell a happy trial customer a booking that costs $200 - $500+

We targeted different age groups and interests in an effort to find a winning campaign that will be used to continually bring in more clients on clock work and predictability.

See Image below
The GREEN represents the number of leads generated = Name, Email and Phone Number Submit
The BLUE represents the Cost Per Lead
The ORANGE represents the cost of the campaign
"C" campaign was a test run which prompted changes for the the new campaign "B" which we got it down to $13.89 a lead.
"A" was a retargeting campaign where ads are following people around on the internet. 

Since the inception of this campaign we have been able to get customers to this brand new bridal makeup studio instantly and like clockwork and created a ROI and profit for this small business to grow and hire additional help to render the service efficiently.

Bridal Makeup Artist

Its all in the numbers, I am so happy to be getting phone calls and emails from prospective clients on a daily basis from people who want my service. Before using John's Facebook Ads marketing services, I was creating flyers and posting them up around the local area with little to no avail of new customers.
If you are thinking of getting new customers and you some way stumbled across Johns services then you are in the right place.


Case Study: Loss of SEO Rankings,
Now Back to life

Losing traffic can be a death sentence for any online business that sells product and services. Google updates occur on a daily basis and it may be the difference between getting more business or a website spiraling downwards to near death.

That what happened to an audio product company that gets all their sales online. 

Damage control Plan: We delve in under the surface and quickly learned there was an occurrence of duplicate and thin content and some issues with the internal linking structure of the website. 

We fixed all the duplicate content and made sure all the right SEO elements that google loves were on the page like schema mark up, linking silos and contextual links to powerup the homepage.
We also sent our signature network links to help increase the rankings.

Audio ECommerce Business

John is great to work with. He is fast, reliable and most important, he is effective. I had a webpage which was loosing traffic. John saved the situation with his SEO strategy, and pulled the webpage back to the top google search results within a week.


A little bit about me...

My Name is John Pinner, I am Facebook and Google Adwords expert. 
Starting from humble beginnings in SEO I managed to supplement my 9-5 income with passive website affiliate product sales commissions. I decided to then hone my skills into helping businesses with their Digital Marketing, which includes Google PPC, Facebook Advertising and SEO to create a new streams of Clients and Business.